Qigong with Simon

A Social Enterprise Offering Low-Cost Qigong and Mindfulness Sessions in Dudley & Halesowen (West Midlands, UK)

Introducing Qigong - by S.G. Howes (M.Ed)

Qigong is a wellness routine that is straightforward to learn, can be practised by anyone regardless of age or ability, and requires nothing in the way of equipment. It is a centuries-old healing art from China that features elements of meditation, breath-work, body alignment, and soft movements (Chan et al., 2014). It is carried out to build the life force energy (Qi) of the practitioner as her or she becomes more in-tune with the sensations that emanate within the body (Gueguen et al., 2017). Qigong functions from the perspective that the body is an energetic system and that blockages or depletions in the Qi (or life force) can lead to ailments and sickness (Guo et al., 2018). Exponents of Qigong impart that this Qi energy circulates via a series of gateways and passages in the body known as Meridians (Posadzki, 2010). Qigong, then, is essentially energy work that combines body alignment and unbridled attention in order to replenish a person’s Qi as connection is made with the energy available in nature (Cheung, 2020). The three main pillars of Qigong are tiao xin (steadying the mind), tiao shen (bodily awareness), and tiao xi (controlling the breath) (Chow et al., 2012). It is embodied by a sequence of effortlessly flowing and dynamically-connected movements or phrases, with much onus placed on detailed execution of the postures (Osipyuk et al. 2018).The benefits of Qigong are well-documented. Over the several years since this Social Enterprise began I have witnessed first-hand the wonders of Qi, and how regular practice can enhance the physical, mental and social health of participants. I even conducted an in-depth research project back in 2020/2021 exploring the impact of Qigong practice on anxiety levels in teens with ADHD. I would be happy to send you a free pdf of the paper via email upon request. Please get in touch with me directly via the contact form if you have any questions about Qigong and the practice. If you have any health concerns it is always best to check with your GP first before joining our sessions.


My Certification

* Qualified Level 2 Shibashi Qigong Instructor
* Level 2 Reiki Qualified
* Level 3 First Aider
* Mindfulness Teacher Certified (Mindfulness Now)
* Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
* BSc (Hons) Degree in Sports Science
* MSc in Social, Emotional & Behavioural Difficulties

Weekly Qigong in Dudley
Thursdays 5.15-6pm

The first group photo - circa early 2020

Dudley Qigong Group

The Dudley Qigong group meet on a weekly basis. Together we explore the Qigong forms of Shibashi Sets 1 & 2, the Five Animal Frolics, the 8 Brocades, and Standing Qigong. The group formed back in December 2019 at the Gather Dudley CIC cafe. Since the closure of the cafe we have been mobile, but often use Dudley's Priory Park as a base. The Dudley group have just returned to regular weekly Qigong sessions at new venue CreArt in Dudley Town Centre. Session are free, but donations are encouraged. We are a friendly bunch, so feel free to come along for a taster session if you are interested in pursuing the Qigong path and the zen life. Movements can be adapted for persons with limited mobility.

Halesowen Qigong Sessions
Saturday Mornings 10.15-11am

The first group photo - circa early 2020
The first group photo - circa early 2020

A Typical Halesowen Qigong Session...


In this section you will find Tutorial videos showing the different Qigong forms that we practice over the course of the year.

Videos with Breathing Prompts

Shibashi Set 1

8 Brocades Qigong

A Live Qigong Session: Shibashi Set 1

Studio Versions, No Prompts

Shibashi Set 1

The Five Animal Frolics

8 Brocades Qigong

Contact Form

Get in touch if you live in or around the Dudley or Halesowen area and are interested in joining the groups.

The first group photo - circa early 2020

Mindfulness at Paradise -
Meditation Group
Fortnightly Tuesdays

The first group photo - circa early 2020

About the Group...

Our Mindfulness at Paradise group is a new initiative delivered in collaboration with the Friends of Buffery Park. The classes incorporate a fusion of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) approaches, and loosely follows the Mindfulness Now syllabus. Essentially, the fortnightly sessions provide an introduction to living more mindfully.


Q. What will I get out of the sessions?
One of the main things we look at are Jon Kabat Zinn’s 7 attitudes of Mindfulness and how we can apply them in our everyday life. The programme is not religious; while it does contain elements that some might deem to be ‘spiritual’ - the sessions really just present some very practical tips and techniques on how to lead a more mindful way of life.
A key theme is waking up from auto-pilot; so many of us live from one Black Friday deal to the next, never truly alive to the present moment. We investigate strategies for building our resilience, recognising often harmful states like worry and anger, and focusing on ways to improve the relationship with ourselves and others.Q. What commitment is required?
It may not be possible for you to attend every session, and there is no formal commitment expected. But, as with most things in life - you get out what you put in. Group members will be encouraged to buy a personal journal for note-taking, and there may be a little bit of Home Learning to carry out between fortnightly meet-ups. You're not going to be told to meditate on a mountain top until you achieve enlightenment; nothing like that, but you will be encouraged to complete some short exercises that reinforce the principles and concepts introduced during the classes.
Q. What size is the group?
We will be limiting the group size to a maximum of 8 students; We have found in the past that discussions can be more difficult when there are too many people. So, we can guarantee that the group will be kept quite small and intimate.
Q. Who is the course for?
Well, it might be that you are dealing with some persistent feelings of anxiety / overthinking. For some, it might simply be a case of needing to break that cycle of work, sleep, repeat. Maybe, you want to become more in control of your mind and how to be less affected by the ups and downs of your mood. Perhaps you want to ‘wake up’ to life and feel more alive. The Mindfulness Now resources have prompted these changes in some individuals.
Q. What are the entry requirements?
The course is open to people of all ages and from all backgrounds. There are no academic requirements. You will be asked to complete a medical form prior to the first session, and I may contact you by email before your first session just to make sure that the Mindfulness content is a good fit with your aspirations.
Q. So, what CAN'T the course do?
Mindfulness sessions cannot provide an instant fix; they are in no way a substitute or replacement for a medical diagnosis if you are suffering from a mental health condition. Mindfulness can change your life, but the benefits are often only evident after they are applied over a long period of time by forming healthy habits and lasting lifestyle changes.
Q. What do I if I am interested in signing-up?
Register your interest via the www.qigongwithsimon.ju.mp website. I will then get in touch with you by email to provide more info. If the group is fully-subscribed your name will be added to a reserve list.
Q. How much do sessions cost?
£8 per month via Direct Debit, which works out at just £4 per session.
So, that’s about all for now I think. Please email me if you have any more questions. Simon

Mindfulness at Paradise - Podcast

The first group photo - circa early 2020

Thank You

Thank you for supporting the Qigong with Simon Social Enterprise.

The first group photo - circa early 2020